Archery Tag MN

You seem like an adventurous soul, so it's time to excercise it! Archery Tag will add that POP your celebration needs to start off on the right foot. So take a walk on the wild side and add Archery Tag to your party.

Archery Tag MN

Archery Tag - What Is It?

You probably remember playing dodgeball or even having nerf gun battles when you were younger. Well, Archery Tag is simply an interesting twist of the same concept. Foam tip arrows are flung from specialty bows to eliminate the opposing team. Hide behind inflatable bunkers or flank your opponents out in the open...but you better be nimble!

Generally, we play dodge ball rules except there are a couple of main differences. One, to bring people back in from the sidelines, you can catch an arrow or punch out one of the mid field styrafoam targets.Two, there is more than on way to win. Either knock out all of the other teams styrafoam targets, hit all of the other players, or have more unhit players on the field at the end of time (generally 10min. games).

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Here is some raw game play of both a youth and adult Archery Tag event to give you a better sense of what it might look like.

Corp. Adult Archery Tag Event

Church Youth Archery Event

Archery Tag Pricing

Cost per person can be less than $25 when everyone chips in!

1 hr. Rentals with 10 bows: $275
1.5 hr. Rentals with 10 bows: $350
2 hr. Rentals with 10 bows: $425
2.5 hr. Rentals with 10 bows: $500
3 hr. Rentals with 10 bows: $575

Additional Archery Tag Fees

There is no extra charge if you have a place to play or want to use a local park space (most common). However, Add $50/hour if you would like us to book an outdoor space or $75/hour to use our partnered indoor turf facility.

Extra Bows $10-$30/bow depending on length of the event.

Other Fees May Apply for unique circumstances**

You Must Call Or Email To Book This Item Due To Logistics.

Archery Tag MN Field Set-up

Each team has a side. To prevent anyone from hitting someone from too close, each team must stay on their side and not hit anyone that enters the neutral safe zone at mid field. A target is placed in front of the first bunker on each teams side as well, so you better protect that too as their are consequences!

archery tag mn field set-up