Hungry Hungry Humans/Hippos Interactive

Our Actual Rent-able Hungry Hippo Unit

hungry hippos interactive inflatable

Direct2u's "hungry hungry humans" inflatable will have your event participants hungry for more. So, fill them up with this satisfying morsel of FUN. Up to 4 participants compete to gather as much "food" from the center pit as they can. Players are strapped in to their side with bungee cords to make it a challenge to reach the center. When all the "food" is gobbled up, the one with the most is the winner.

No event is complete without a good photo/video opportunity and hungry hungry humans will deliver. Make the difficult task of selecting the right inflatables for your event an easy one with the addition of this action packed interactive!

Example Video Of Hungry Hippo Gameplay

Not our actual unit (see picture)

  • Setup Area: 35ft x 35ft
  • Outlets: 1
  • Attendants: 1
  • Price: $350 (up to 3 hrs) or $450 (up to 6 hrs) $550 (all day) without bundling or add-ons.
  • Additional Consecutive Days: $200 (must pay full day price for the first day)
  • Generator: $50 (not needed if there is 1 outlet within 100ft.)
  • Bundle with other items and save!