Knockerball, Minnesota's Hottest Event Rental!

Knockerball is the most thrilling inflatable experience at every gathering it takes part in. Bonus, it's just as fun to watch as it is to play! Knock, roll, and flip your way to a funtastic event with this creative invention. Add Knockerballs to your party, today and be confident that your celebration will be a smash hit!

You may book these online, but we highly encourage you to call to rent our Knockerball's as we need to confirm it will logistically work for your venue/event details.

You must email or call to reserve this item due to more complicated logistics.

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Knockerball Pricing

Cost per person can be less than $25 when everyone chips in!

1 hr. Rentals with 10 suits: $275
1.5 hr. Rentals with 10 suits: $350
2 hr. Rentals with 10 suits: $425
2.5 hr. Rentals with 10 suits: $500
3 hr. Rentals with 10 suits: $575

Additional Knockerball Fees

There is no extra charge if you have a place to play or want to use a local park space (most common). However, Add $50/hour if you would like us to book an outdoor space or $75/hour to use our partnered indoor turf facility.

Extra Suits $25/suit

Other Fees May Apply for unique circumstances**

Where Can We Play Knockerball

Play Knockerball indoors or out...grass, turf or even gym floors.

Indoors - Turf

Knockerball MN

Outdoors - Grass

Knockerball outdoor

Indoors - Gyms

Knockerball MN

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Who Can Play Knockerball

Different Knockerball sizes mean it's suitable for anyone 6 and up (younger kids can play casually, but games are tough for them).


knockerball Young Adult


Knockerball Youth


Knockerball Teens

Common Knockerball Events

Direct2u Inflatable Rental Knockerball Play

Knockerball Rental

Why Choose Our Knockerball Rentals

  • We have many fun creative ways for you to play Knockerball
  • Experienced with safety...we've run over 400 Knockerball events
  • We include all the peripheral items needed to play, not just the Knockerballs

Knockerball Rental Game Variations

  • Sumo Ring: similar to king of the ring
  • V.I.P.: kind of like "ships across the ocean"
  • Knockerball Relay: sideways barrel roll with tucked legs.
  • Collision Race: complete 2 laps b4 your opponent, but in oposite directions

What Is Knockerball

Knockerball (a brand of bubble we carry) is an inflatable bubble ball that comes in a variety of sizes (2 common sizes). It goes by many names including bubble ball and bubble soccer. You wear it like a reverse backpack and slip straps onto your shoulders. It covers several inches above your head all the way down to your knees. You guessed it, that means you actually look through the plastic as you play! You are secured by two shoulder straps and there are also two handles in front of you for extra stability.

It turns almost any game into full contact shenanigans. If you've never tried Knockerball, it's one of those things you must try at least once. So, break out of your comfort zone and book some Knockerball for your next event!